Nestbox outside my house in Durham in 2015

nestbox location

nestbox hatched nestbox hatched

They started hatching on 26th May and fledged on 15th June!

nestbox fledged nestbox fledged nestbox fledged
I caught the last two outside the nestbox just after they left.

Here are the last 12 snapshots of the inside of the nestbox. Date/timestamps on the images.

nestbox 01 nestbox 02 nestbox 03 nestbox 04 nestbox 05 nestbox 06 nestbox 07 nestbox 08 nestbox 09 nestbox 10 nestbox 11 nestbox 12

Here are the last 23 movies triggered by motion as they fledged. Sorry no preview images for these, and they will take a few seconds to download, so be patient: (latest) (oldest).

There is sound, but the quality is poor.

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Revision: 15th June 2015