La Thuile QEST workshop skiing

6-12 March 2004

Yes, the weather was good, the views and skiing excellent... The full size files are print quality, the half size best for viewing on screen.
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On the baby slopes:
view from top of Eidelweiss 3085(half size) 3085(full size) Almut coming down Eidelweiss 3086(half size) 3086(full size)

Yuan Liang Lim 3087(half size) 3087(full size) Yuan Liang Lim 3090(half size) 3090(full size)

Mind the pole...
Richard Thompson 3088(half size) 3088(full size) Richard Thompson 3089(half size) 3089(full size)

Views from higher up:
View 3091(half size) 3091(full size) View 3092(half size) 3092(full size)

No, lets go THIS way!
Erika, Patrik and John 3093(half size) 3093(full size)

Views from hotel:
View 3097(half size) 3097(full size) View 3114(half size) 3114(full size)

Views from higher up:
View 3098(half size) 3098(full size) View 3105(half size) 3105(full size)
View 3106(half size) 3106(full size) View 3107(half size) 3107(full size)
View 3108(half size) 3108(full size) View 3109(half size) 3109(full size)

Patrik, Erika and... John:
Patrik and Erika 3110(half size) 3110(full size) John Jeffers 3111(half size) 3111(full size)
Erika 3112(half size) 3112(full size) John, Patrik and Erika 3113(half size) 3113(full size)

Views from the top, including Mont Blanc:
View 3115(half size) 3115(full size) Mont Blanc 3116(half size) 3116(full size)
View 3117(half size) 3117(full size) View 3118(half size) 3118(full size)
Mont Blanc 3119(half size) 3119(full size) Mont Blanc 3120(half size) 3120(full size)

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