Mull piccies

5-7 May 2001

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Ardlui station looking north and south up Ben Vorlich.

Oban, packing and the view from land then from the ferry looking forward and looking back to Ben a Chorain?

Cycling to Tobermory... lunch break, a nice stream where we paused before a teabreak, then tackling a large hill, though Helen walked up most of it, the view was good.

In Tobermory, pretty houses and a pretty harbour on the far side was the pub and the youth hostel is end of this block.

The next day (Sunday) we set off to climb Ben More. The mist followed us the whole way, on islands and on the summit, up the cliff, over the islands and creeping up the slope.

I took some close up shots of rocks in the stream bed, well weathered with lichen almost crystaline near the ridge and square and lumpy.

On the way up, Mark and Jim found a snark? (Explanations welcome!) Some deer got out of our way as the mist hung around on the summit.

Time for a break! Not sure if it's Helen or the camera or the loch out of balance here...

High enough for some nice views now: more misty islands a sunny hillside, the summit and the onward task...

Not a snark but a leveret!

A fine view and a gorge looking over to the far side as we scramble up (would have been more impressive without Jim's feet in the picture, sorry...)

What is to come, and more mist and the view over the far side before we reach the summit with a view out to ardnamurchan, a second lunch, a big smile from Racheland a tune on an old pipe.

Three views of the snow covered ridge on the way down.

Two views of the bowl shaped landscape (volcanic remains) bowl on the way up and bowl and hump on the way down.

Mist still dancing round us on the way down mist down the side mist up the summit and mist up the loch.

Another sighting of the elusive snark...among the ponds.

A fine gorge with perfect sun for shadows and pebbles in the water and downstream and upstream.

Time to move on, lighthouse from the ferry to Ardnamurchan...

Revision: 21st May 2001