Ruthen piccies

12 May 2001

half size is about 60K - 100K and full size is about 700K. You've already downloaded the half size images in viewing this page, so clicking on those will be quick.
Full size images removed to save disk space...if you want any, email me.
Hint: hit the back button on your browser after viewing each image to return to this page and select the next one...

water break (half size) (full size) land closed (half size) (full size)

saddle... (half size) (full size) peacock on step... (half size) (full size)

peacock fanned (half size) (full size) peacock fanned (half size) (full size)

cloisters (half size) (full size) Gill and Sam (half size) (full size)

blue bells (half size) (full size) back up saddle bells (half size) (full size)

Revision: 22nd May 2001