Benasque (Pyrenees, Spain)

The Benasque workshop on Quantum Information...

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People pictures

There are more pictures of people among the hiking photos, but these are the best.

On the way there: Angelo Carollo taking a nap at Barcelona airport...

Robin Blume-Kohout in France... more photos of this hike
Robin in France

Crazy Canadian (David Poulin) taking a shower...
David taking shower David taking shower
...and crazy Alaskan (Robin Blume-Kohout) taking a shower.
Robin taking shower Robin drying off

Robin Blume-Kohout, Dan Collins, Joakim Bergli and myself at the top of Aneto
Aneto summit
...and Dan at the end of the hike
Dan's feet more photos of this hike

Views of the mountains

Views of the mountains from the town:
Benasque Benasque Benasque

and just north of the town looking north and south and to Pico Cerler
Benasque Benasque Benasque

Anciles and looking back on Benasque from Cerler:
Anciles Anciles Anciles Anciles Anciles

Folk dancing in Benasque

30th June 2003
Folk dance more photos of folk dancing
The arches in the background are the Old Schoolhouse where the physics took place!


Harold leading...
Climbing Climbing Climbing
and Robin belaying (it was windy but warm...)
More climbing photos from this spot

We also climbed here (Pico Cerler)...and took a long time getting down.
Climbing Climbing

Harold's hiking and climbing photos


Walk up Pico Cerler (that we climbed on, see above).

Walk up to the French border.

Walk up to the top of Aneto (highest peak in Pyrenees, 3400m).

Walk up Ball de Lliterola and back down Ball d'Estos.

A cycle ride up the valley one morning

Flower photos can be found here.

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