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Durham sunset

Earliest sunset of 2021 was spectacular (Dec 14th).

comet Neowise commet Neowise

Look North: comet Neowise, 11th July 2020 11:23pm.

nestbox built nestbox start

The nestbox is back, with tree sparrows...they have built their nest and now you can't see anything through the straw...

bat at sunset A bat at sunset, 16th Sep 2019.

wolf blood super moon Super blood wolf moon 5am 21st January 2019.

sunset over cottages Sunsets are great where I live (21st Oct 2018).

2017 nestbox images and movie clips here the tree sparrows raised two broods.

humming bird hawk moth humming bird hawk moth humming bird hawk moth Humming bird hawk moth on valarian, Durham 17th June 2017.

brandenburger tor Sunset behind Brandenburger Tor, 28th September 2016.

bare trees

Bare trees near Neville's Cross. It snowed on 12th Dec 2015, this is the next day in pale Winter sunshine.

nestbox Nestbox images and movie clips from Summer 2015.

geranium Summer geranium. 13th July 2014.

Heights Lane Drifting over Heights Lane. 24th March 2013.

Ilkley Moor Ilkley Moor. 26th January 2013.

autumn leaves Autumn leaves. 4th November 2012.

teasels Teasels in sunshine. 7th October 2012.

snowdrop First snowdrop on its way. 13th January 2012.

geese Geese have hatched on Barden Moor, 3rd May 2010.

photo of me on Blencathra, Lake District, New Year's Eve 2009 Blencathra, Lake District, New Year's Eve 2009.

herding sheep Herding sheep above Settle, April 2009.

gate shadow on snow Shadow of my garden gate on the snow, December 2008.

peacock butterfly on buddleia Peacock butterfly on buddleia in my garden, August 2008.

Tryfan from Y garn Tryfan from Y Garn, Snowdonia, Wales, 29th Oct 2006.

Cherry blossom in Tokyo Cherry blossom in Koishikawa Korakuen, Tokyo, 19th March 2006.

Zakopane late ski Last run of the day in Zakopane Feb 2006. (more like this).

spring is sprung Crocuses by my door on a sunny February day (2006).

on Ilkley Moor baht'at "...on Ilkley Moor baht'at..." -- I lived on the sunny side of Ilkley Moor for ten years ...

Pic of the moment... A tortoiseshell butterfly sunning itself on my back steps, and a Red Admiral on the wall.

Pheasant Pheasant having a good squawk at Harewood House ...and then after having got over it

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